On the Boardwalk

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Lots of new stuff going on today!

Group called MIX will be putting out a new shopping hud July first! More info on it here: www.mixeventsl.com

Also Free updates on Izzie’s Appliers Cozy Tights , and the Waterdrops for Belleza’s New mesh body an shape Venus!

What im Wearing:

Body Maiterya Lara LeLutka Head lotte

Clothes Maiterya Crop top white,Soft pants


Around Home

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Todays look

Head LeLutka lotte , Body Maitreya Lara , Hair Ploom Split end

Clothes Top Cold logic  kylie onyx, Shorts Addams Bermuda denim rolled up

Shoes Fri izzys sandals coal


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Ploom had a summer sale an i kinda went over board with there hair and poses. Opps lol

On Me:

Maiterya mesh body Lara Head LeLutka Lotte

Hair Ploom : Brandy,Elysa,Kerry,Roma, Split end.

Pose: Ploom Vanity pose

Coffee Break

Snapshot ryuni blog post 5_001

What I’m Wearing:

Body: Maiterya Mesh body Lara with hands and feet , Head: LeLutka Lotte , Ears: Mandala staking ears season 5

Hair: Little Bones Tennis Court L+, Eyes: IKON Odyssey eyes sky

Outfit: Ricielli fitted leather jacket 04 black with fitted tank, Maiterya zipper skinny jeans #4

Shoes: CK cheryl ankle boots black


Ok now i’ve been in sl since 09 and youd think id know better when someone puts a link in there profile to not click the link! well………I coudnt help myself. i was at this club and snooping profiles out of boredom and this link said that was his rl pic but instead when i clicked it my avi turned into this!

Snapshot a lesson_001

So here is a lesson dont click links your unsure about!!!

I totally should have seen that coming and thats why i dont really ever go to clubs in sl….

Confluence City……

Snapshot ryuni blog post 3 confluence city_001

Today i stumbled apon a rather interesting RP. Now Normally on SL i dont RP but since im such a fan of doctor who and this RP is kinda based off it i thought id take a look. Here is the background story….

Confluence is less of a city and more of an unstable, inter-dimensional space. It holds its own as far as being a place to make a living in, but can’t be found on any map. The only way to arrive here is by accidentally crossing through a portal that leads here, or traveling to Confluence directly with advanced technology.

This is why Confluence is now filled with people of different species. They vary in dress, appearance, and often times, even spoken language. Thanks to valuable resources found in the outer woods area, Confluence is able to enjoy some basic architecture for its town buildings, indoor plumbing, and even electricity. If you choose to settle here and want to pay the astronomical fee, you can even get inter-galactic cable.

The Casino Jazz Bar is on the main street of Confluence. It is the ONLY bar in town, aside from some moonshine setups in the woods and the sewers (possibly). At the Casino, the drinks are well-stocked and the music is always playing. Some travelers arrive in Confluence because the Casino is their favorite watering hole.

You are someone who arrived from either the past, present, or future. How you came here is up to you; how you get back, is up to you as well. You might hitch a ride with a spaceship, ditch your previous life, and go on a new adventure altogether. You might get to know people and find a way to return to your old home. Or you might forget all of that and decide to settle here. Whatever your story is, Confluence is somewhere in the middle of it.

But as long as you’re here… you might as well have a drink.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Juicy/113/22/640 TP To it and take a look!

In Town

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My Newest look! I decided that only being part mesh made me feel very outdated so i went on a shopping spree overload and went full on mesh!

My look:

Head : LeLutka Mesh Head Lotte,Hair: LeLutka Cassie Medium hair ,Eyes: IKON Odyssey eyes sky @ TMD, Ears: Mandala steking ears season 5 version A

Body: Maitreya Lara V3.4

Clothes: Coldlogic Tyree tubetop coal, Maitreya BF jean shorts dark wash

Shoes: Glamistry Angelica

Tatoo’s: Letis Tattoo’s Inermis sleeves maitreya applyer & Infected Absolute left leg maitreya applyer