Sunrise on the Beach

Snapshot ryuni blog post sunrise on the beach_001

You ever have one of those days where you wake up log into sl and see the perfect spot to take a picture? Well im glad i was inspired to take one! You know of all the years i’ve been in secondlife i can truly say that now after all this time im finally starting to enjoy myself on SL. I used to be so stressed out over everything and now? Well if you got a view like mine in SL where the beach is just a stones throw away even if it is on SL it still makes me feel really calm listing to the waves.

On Me:

Body: Hair:Lelutka Dalila hair, Head: LeLutka Lotte ,Body: Maiterya Lara

Clothes: Top: Maiterya Ana tie dye top, Jeans: Candydoll Keisha Brezze blue jeans

Beach: StudioSky


Feeling like home

Snapshot ryuni blog post feeling like home_001

Hey! so my posts have been a little spread out sorry about that! I’ve been really busy landscaping the sim i havent had time to do much else! I promise tho later in September i’ll get back to blogging more.

In this post:

House: SAN ROSA Redgrave

Key holder: Alouette wooden key rack

shoes: mudhoney canvas shoes mint

Rug: junk splatter rug

phone: floorplan payphone pink

wall board: croire moms bulletin board

Bench: what next marias gossip bench

Cactus: commoner potted cactus

Mothers Work

Snapshot ryuni blog post Mothers work_001

Today im doing a short post since my daughter and i recently moved to a 1/2 sim! I’ve been in the process of landscaping to the best of my abilities and decorating the house. Its a slow process for sure but i think we both are settling in just fine. So today i decided to make my Daughter some cinnamon rolls to wake up to the smell of them baking in the oven! I hope sl will allow me to take another picture for flikr after i snapped this one it would’t let me change over to post it to flikr!

Opps! I think i smell the cinnamon rolls burning!

Let’s Talk About Trolls In SL

Snapshot ryuni blog post lets talk trolls_001

Today’s Topic Trolls in Secondlife.

Today i had the pleasure of getting bombarded by three female avatars while i was shopping with my secondlife daughter Aillen at Ionic. We where minding our own business looking around at the store when suddenly this female avatars and her two girl friends surrounded me. As i started talking to them not knowing what there real intentions where and then when it dawned on me what they where gonna do when they started talking trash about me i got this smirk on my face. Now in the past i would have probably freaked out and gotten very emotional at the stuff they where saying about me and they dont even know me an i dont know them. But looking at what they where saying i started laughing. Now my guess is that these three female avatars are really guys behind the screen.Then it got me thinking that on some level Trolls are really online bullies right? Therefore by law they are cyber bulling and that’s against the law. Should i have reported them? probably. But instead i tped out with Daughter in tow back to the house we went an we blocked them. My thoughts on trolls is why do it in the first place? are you that board on sl that you just go around to harass other people for fun? If thats the case GET OUT OF SL!!! Really, who knows maybe behind the screen in RL they where all High on something or maybe there just such big ass holes they dont care that they are cyber bulling and think there better then the law. Shrugs. Either way Trolls in SL are amusing and annoying all at the same time but in the end it gave me a good laugh an i left on a good note when i tped out. Now Here’s my question.How do you Handle trolls in SL? do you just block them an move on or interact with them like i did for your own fun amusement?