Quiet Ride

Snapshot ryuni blog post Quiet Ride_001

Now that its fall i have to say one of my favorite things to do around this time is go for a nice quiet trail ride through the forest with my best Horsie Friend. To just sit back in the saddle and listen to the birds chirp and hear the sounds of the crunching leaves under the horses hooves as she walks along is very relaxing!

In Today’s Post:

Hair Truth Jill

Shirt Emery Paz knit sweater berry

Jeans Blueberry Mia tucked version

Boots Fri.day Rosie boots Dirty maiterya fit *New at Shiny Shabby*

Horse Avatar from Breeders Choice At Everest Creek


It’s My Birthday I’ll Cry If I Want To!

Snapshot ryuni blog post my birthday!_001

Happy Tears of course! Logging in on my birthday to find a cake and a exploding balloon that fills the room with happy birthday writing is pretty cool! And my cake even sings the happy birthday song!

Now if you excuse me i have a cake that’s waiting for me to eat it!

My Dream

Snapshot ryuni blog post My Dream_001

Not your typical blog post today with fashion credits. Today i just wanted to be inspired and mess around with another new wind light setting that i downloaded. Hope you like!

Diner Time

Snapshot ryuni blog post Diner Time_001

Yesterday Alicia Zanibar and Family had a Sim warming party to Celebrate their Family Joining together with the Orlanders living on the same sim. Sadly tho i wasn’t able to attend the party last night so i popped over today to the sim to see its new transformation. Its absolutely breath taking!  I’m Really sorry i missed the party and i hope they dont mind that i snapped this picture while i was there! lol

Today’s look

Body Maiterya Lara Head LeLutka lotte

Hair Truth Anouk

Outfit Neve breeze Natural at Coldlogic with ZeeZee Houndstooth leggings for Lara Fit

Shoes Mikunch sloppy shoes navy at Kustom9


Snapshot abandon Ironwood Hills 2_001

So this picture is kinda late getting to the blog lol but here it is!

I gotta say im loving this new wind light i downloaded. Yes thats right if you didnt know all my photos are raw shots taken inworld with windlight only no editing from PS or gimp what so ever!

In this post:

Hat from the arcade – Ro illusionist Auriga

Dress Zenith double knot dress black

Boots Coco lace boots

Broom birdy hocus pocus broom at the arcade

Crow on my hand from Half deer glitter black at Collabor88

Coffee is Good for the Soul

Snapshot Ryuni blog post Coffee time!_001

Hey all! So first shout out to my followers! thank you so much for following my blog! I just noticed i’m up to 12 people following me! LOL! I know i’m a dork for being excited over that! But its my followers that make me want to blog! So thank you! Now onto other things…..

Have you noticed i seem to be wearing alot of white lately? LOL i dont know why!



Head Lelutka Lottie -BTW i was listing to someone blog there avi over youtube channel and i realized i’ve been saying the store name wrong to people I talk to! LOL

Body Maiterya Lara

Hair Truth Ardan

Shirt Blueberry Cassi knotted shirt white

Jeans Luna rolled cuff dark blue

Shoes Maribel Maiterya Fit

Watch Izzies beaded watch

Necklace Izzies arrowhead necklace

Place pixel bean coffee house – join fee 250L

Pose Bang! stand 530-539 @ Gen Neutral

What to wear!

Snapshot ryuni blog post What to wear!_001

Just a quicky before i dash off into the real world today!

Today im wearing:

Maitreya tank top fuchsia & Maitreya Hipster league  cerise *New!*

pose by Glitterati closet

Smaller closet from the arcade

shoe rack also from the arcade