It’s a Pj Kinda day!

* BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* The sound of the alarm clock buzzing in my dreams as I groan half asleep hitting the snooze button. Sleepily I look at the time an sigh seeing the time is only 5:30 AM Still half asleep I manage to sit up in bed looking around the dark room. I grab my pillow an toss it at my sleeping sister across the room ” Very funny ashlee!” I yell in a half awake tone. She makes little noise when the pillow hits her i roll my eyes and pull myself out of bed. Walking over to the computer I turn it on only to be blasted by the speakers as the computer slowly boots up. I Cringe covering my ears and Groan ” It’s to early for this!” I think to myself then as i’m walking over to the closet i trip an step on the dogs tail only to have the dog yelp loudly with a growl i hear her claws scraping on the wood floor to get traction as she tries to get up ” Sorry Luna!” I whisper Still unable to see a thing in the dark room i manage to make my way over to the wall an flip on my light.I fling my closet doors open only to be surprised by a Laughing Clown hanging in my face. Growling i rip down the clown “chris” I utter under my breath remembering the day before i had pranked his room an this was his prank for me in return.I quickly get my slippers on an sleepily walk downstairs to let Luna outside. I see my Mother opening her bedroom door as im making my way down.” hon why are you up? you don’t have school today” She Whispers. I nod and wave my hand sleepily at her ” ok mom” I yawn. Once downstairs i let luna outside only to see dancing rainbow zebras in the yard. I rub my eyes trying to make sense of what i’m seeing with a very confused look on my face i then see Luna in a dress and having tea with them ” stop…stop!” I yell then suddenly i feel a rocking motion and someone calling my name ” Orry! Orry! Get up we are gonna be late for school!” I open my eyes to see my sister sitting on top of me. I glance at the clock to see the time. 7:45. I sigh ” thank gawd it was only a dream!”……

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Me Time

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Things are always changing in sl. Sometimes so much that sometimes i feel like i cant ever catch my breath. Like Recently the sim my family an i where living on closed so i had to uproot my family and find us a new home. Now we live on a nice half sim. I hope we will be at this place for a while. It seems like every few months I’ve had to move in Sl over the last year. Sometimes that can be quite unsettling.  The sim tho has a nice little beach an i decided since the Kiddo’s are offline id stop decorating an take some time to myself. I’ve always found the beach to be somewhat relaxing to me. So now i think ill just sit in my hammock an just take some me time! After all I deserve it. Right?

Driving South

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We are Driving south for the winter! Ok, Not really but the kiddos an I decided we are sick of the snow an want to get to warmer weather! So we packed the car up an are heading to the Blake sea for the day! I cant wait to get into that nice warmer weather an soak up the sun! I hope i didn’t forget to pack the sunscreen!


Exploring SL :Through A Maze

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Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a good New Years? I know i did!

In my last post one of my new years resolutions was to explore more of sl. The Lovely Strawberry Singh Posted in her newest blog post some fun new years resolutions for us and since one of her new years resolutions was to explore more of sl i thought id dive right in!

So today i went to Bay City and wondered around this maze. Its alot of fun! Take a flashlight and see if you can find there secret hidden red door!

Bay City