SL Family’s

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Since I started this blog I’ve realized I’ve never actually talked about SL family life. I’ve talked about my SL family but not really the reasons why I do it or how to go about being in or starting a SL family.I was hoping to try to record this since i recently made a you tube channel but I’m at loss as how to record my screen while still being able to move around in sl. If anyone knows a good free screen recorder please let me know! Also please know that this post is based on my views of what my personal experience is like with SL family’s and how to go about starting one or being in one. Your Experience will probably be different then mine. So on that note read below. Alicia Chenaux of Ch’know blog did a post on the subject as well. I think her an my views on family life are quite similar in most areas. You can read her blog post here:

To start off with why I got into the family aspect of SL. It started back in 2010 when i found this teen beach back when the teen grid of SL was still around.I knew the moment i saw this House on the marketplace that i wanted to have that house an have my own sl family. and land exc. This was way before Mesh mind you. lol So to begin my adventure as a teen i hung around this teen beach and learned all about what RPing a teen is like in SL. I got my first of many sl family’s and from then on i was hooked. Little did i know it would take me a good seven years of playing SL to learn all the ups and downs of life and people and lots of Drama along the way.But Even today after seven years my ache for the family life is still strong. Mostly because In my Real life i want that. Even at a young age i knew that instead of having my own kids Id rather adopt them from around the world.UNICEF estimates that an average of 353,000 babies are born each day around the world. But a total of It is estimated that 132 million children are orphaned worldwide. So to come into SL and for being a teen and going through the trials of being adopted in SL has put a huge prospective of what life is like for children in the real world in the foster system for me. Even now trying to be a mom in SL over the last 3 years and having the ups and downs of adopting kids and leaning what other Rp kids have gone though in the ups an downs of SL familys has been really interesting.Bet your wondering why is family life in sl so Important? Well most of you know the whole prim babies and being pregnant stuff im sure so part of all that does venture into the SL family aspect too. For those who simply cant have children in RL some could go thought the pregnancy on SL to experience that they cannot in the real world then get the prim baby then later maybe replace that prim baby with someone who RP’s out a SL child. And if the parent and child agree they can even get an adoption certificate to make it official. So part of SL family life is based on RP some of it could be because the person that wants to adopt cant get pregnant in real life.Probably in Tomorrow’s Post I’ll go over a basic Guild of Do’s and Don’ts of creating a Panel for both parent and child at one of the two popular Adoption Agencies in SL.


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