Lovely Day for a Ride


SL Lovely Day for a ride_001.png

Felt like blogging today!


Hair: Phoenix Madison hair

Shape : Strawberry Singhs Shape for Catwa Head catya 2 shape

Head:  CATWA Catya mesh head

Body: Maitreya Lara

Skin: The Skinnary: Cintia catwa applier

Shirt: Furtacor Livia Tshirt

Pants: Pixicat Tova boyfriend Jeans

Shoes: BREATHE Ariana Heels

Location: Whimberly



Over the Bridge…..

snapshot sl winter 2016_001.png

Hello Readers,

Your probably wondering why i havent blogged since summer. Well Do to some health issues since april ive been in and out of second life. I’m doing ok but i havent really had the unction to want to be online. I guess you could say for alot of reason i dont really have anyone on sl to talk to and i think thats been why im kinda in a sl Rut. My sl kids have been MIA for a while now an they where really the only reason i got online. Even tho i love shopping on sl it hasent really been holding my attention either. i know crazy right? I just feel like there’s not alot in sl for me to do. I’ve always done the sl family thing since 2010 but with recent drama that ive had in sl its made me kinda take a step back an ponder why i wanted to do the sl family thing in the first place. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know theres not alot else i do in sl. Im not a big clubber in sl , i dont script or build and i dont make clothes or guestures or poses.and this blogging fashion thing has been ok but since my blog really isnt that popular an i never really got any feedback from anyone who follows my blogs ( no offence if your reading this) and i never got anyone to sponcer my blog i figured anyone who reads my blog doest really find my stuff all that interesting and thats ok. I know i cant really keep up with the latest of events in sl an i guess most blogs have gotten a youtube channel now  and done videos instead of posting pics and typing stuff out. Being single in sl either an wanting someone who shares the same passions as i do about only being in the sl family life an being kept in a small bubble inst really a guys cup of tea. ( or least most guys). I cant help it tho i like being in a little bubble in my own little world but to have no one to share it with makes that really hard.the fact that i dont want to go out in sl and be in the adult scene must be a real tunroff. and im sure the reason why i havent had alot of readers for this blog is because i end up just ranting an talking about my problems and im sure no one really wants to take the time to read this. But if you are thanks for reading. I’ll keep my blog open to those who want to brows my other links on the side to the other blogs but this will be my official last post here.

Sand between my toes

Snapshot blog post sand between my toes_001.png

It’s a lovely day for a walk on the beach with no shoes on! i just love how the sand feels between my toes! Better watch out for those seagulls tho!

Today’s look

Top by Vinyl Tove blouse

Jeans Vinyl halsey bootcut jeans

sunglasses yummy lolita sunglasses

All can be found at Uber